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Horror Belle by Aerindarkwater Horror Belle :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 5 0 Triwizard Chibi Dragons by Aerindarkwater Triwizard Chibi Dragons :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 4 3 Valor crest (bag design) by Aerindarkwater Valor crest (bag design) :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 8 2 Chinese Fireball Dragon by Aerindarkwater Chinese Fireball Dragon :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 9 1 WIP Smaug paper mache by Aerindarkwater WIP Smaug paper mache :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 4 2 Avengers-Gw2 style--Iron Asura by Aerindarkwater Avengers-Gw2 style--Iron Asura :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 19 15
DW OC 10_P4_The Crystal Effect
Full title: (DW OC adventures) Holly and the Doctor adventures~ The Crystal Effect
Featuring the 10th Doctor
My OC: Holly Rosenburg
Rating: G/pG-13
Part 4
         "When I had asked if there was a something to ride, I was thinking something that didn't have a mind of its own to try to throw me off."
Holly held her arms tight around Captain Oakenson as he directed the strange six legged red cat creature through the dense forest ground. She held on so tightly that she started to think she was getting splinters from the tree guardian.
         "Would you rather have walked?" He asked trying to hide the smile in his voice since he already knew the answer.
         Before giving a snappy remark, Holly spotted the top of ruined lab a short distance to her left. "There! To the left, I see it," she pointed briefly before regaining her tight grip to steady herself.
         "Hang on
:iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 2 2
Cyber-tex by Aerindarkwater Cyber-tex :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 3 0 GW2 character portraits---WIP (sketching/inking) by Aerindarkwater GW2 character portraits---WIP (sketching/inking) :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 6 8 Custom Assassin's Creed inspired quiver set by Aerindarkwater Custom Assassin's Creed inspired quiver set :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 16 0
DW OC 10_P3_The Crystal Effect
Full title: (DW OC adventures) Holly and the Doctor adventures~ The Crystal Effect
Featuring the 10th Doctor
My OC: Holly Rosenburg
Rating: G/pG-13
Part 3
         Holly stumbled out of the suffocating warm jungle and took a brief moment to relish the breath of a cool breeze welcomed her. She also took this moment to look around the open clearing to try to figure out where she was and to which direction she needed to go.
         "Now where did we park?"
         Holly looked up to the tree line to see where Jabe's tree house was in order to gauge her distance.
         "Wow, it's way over there. But I don't remember running that far to get here."
         Just as she started to pick up her pace towards the towering tree structure on the horizon, a couple of Jabe's guards emerged from the trees around her. Trying hard not to feel ambushed, Holly smiled ner
:iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 2 4
DW OC 10_P2_The Crystal Effect
Full title: (DW OC adventures) Holly and the Doctor adventures~ The Crystal Effect
Featuring the 10th Doctor
My OC: Holly Rosenburg
Rating: G/pG-13
Part 2
         The Doctor opted to going into the abandoned facility first, closely followed by Holly, while Dante took up the tail in case anyone tried to sneak up on them. Stepping through the broken glass doors that had once slid along their tracks, it felt like they were walking into a tomb. The air was still and cold, which only added to the lifeless scene. It surprised Holly just how cold it became as she watched her warm breath puff in front of her. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing them to ward off the goose bumps. Looking around to the others and they did not seem to have noticed the near fridge temperatures compared to the warm, humid tropic forest they left at the door. 'Then again, Dante had fur and the Doctor... well, he's alien, so maybe he feels temperatures d
:iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 3 2
GW2--gold commission:maha_2 by Aerindarkwater GW2--gold commission:maha_2 :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 14 0 GW2--gold commission:maha_1 by Aerindarkwater GW2--gold commission:maha_1 :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 5 4
DW OC 10_P1_The Crystal Effect
Full title: (DW OC adventures) Holly and the Doctor adventures~ The Crystal Effect
Featuring the 10th Doctor
My OC: Holly Rosenburg
Rating: G/pG-13
Part 1
         Holly woke from the best sleep she had felt in years. No more worries about someone chasing after her. No more freakish nightmares of alternate timelines or possible futures. No more headaches or feeling sick as if she had a bad taste in her mouth. If this was a Disney movie, she would have woken up to little blue birds singing a good morning to her with the sun shining somewhere in the background with a field filled with wild flowers. She woke up to the best day in her life.
         After soaking in the gracious feeling of a peacefully nights' rest, she changed into fresh clothes and nudged her mobile friend awake.
         "Wakey time Karl. How long was I asleep? Feels like a whole day."
         "Well, from the time you pu
:iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 2 11
WTF-issue1: New Faces [pg6 ] by Aerindarkwater WTF-issue1: New Faces [pg6 ] :iconaerindarkwater:Aerindarkwater 11 11


Aerindarkwater has started a donation pool!
180 / 636
The goal: a 3-month membership... otherwise, just for whatever (to buy prints, commssions,....):D

If you do chose to donate, not only would I give you a thank you and a happy liama, you'll get art :D
Any points, even one, I would love. If you can't, no worries, a liama is nice and I'll send one back.

Please follow my rules for anything concerning comisiosn/donations/trade/requests.…

*Note= I only do comic style for donations*
All donators will get a ilama (if I have not given you one already) and these:
20 pts quick small sketch of one character
21-50 reg sketch of one character
51-100 small ink of one character
101-200 reg ink of one character
201-400 simple color of one character (no bg)
401-800 detail color of one character (no bg)
801+ detail color of one character and bg

If interested or have questions, please note me with deatils or links of reference if you have some and I'll see what I can do :D.

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Horror Belle
I'm not the romantic type, so this is a Belle version if the story was a horror genre instead of a romantic. Basically in order to free herself she had to get close enough to the Beast and kill him to rescue the others that were enslaved and trans-morphed. Was meant to be a one color speed paint, but didn't carry the weight of "horror" I wanted, so I spent tad more time on it and added a few washes in the "color burn" setting over the yellow to give a nice pop of the blood reds.
Triwizard Chibi Dragons
The complete set of the 4 dragons used in the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts during Harry's 4th year. :3
2 were colored in pencil, 2 were in photoshop cause.... my green and red pencils were dead and I made these over the span of a year.... >.>.... I'm a buzy person... and this project was on the back burner for the longest time... almost forgot I was working on it. XD
Valor crest (bag design)
Pokemon Go fever has spread and lines divided, which do you fall into?
Here to represent team Valor, I designed this as a iron-on for a bag to show who's boss when you're out there conquering gyms and catching those little critters.

Before anyone asks, yes I plan on doing the other 2 teams (Mystic and Instinct).
Yes, I plan on making bags for sale, just not at the present time, going to test out with the local area first to see the reactions. basically, money is tight and got to be smart.
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? A few years give or take. Maybe more.

  2. What does your username mean? It's a name for a Guild Wars character I made roughly about 9 years ago. I just liked the name and the interesting spelling variation of Erin to Aerin. Dark I came up cause she's a nercomancer, so dark magic. Water, just cause I liked the sound of the names/words together and that it sort of reminds me of the pools or wells she uses to conjure up her minions from the Mists (world of the undead in the game).

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Mildly-insane, creative, optimistic

  4. Are you left or right handed? LEFTY and proud :D

  5. What was your first deviation? Something I deleted long ago (from my 'first' account before I had to remake it). The next thing (at least the oldest piece here) is a pic of my GW1 character during xmas.

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Fantasy and/or Sci-fi

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Metal work. I would be able to make my own hidden blades XD and other kickass weapons and armor.

  8. What was your first favourite? Hell if I know. Something Doctor Who for sure (at least on this account).

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? I enjoy a good laugh, so if there's a funny comic or painting featuring a fandom I follow, otherwise anything that just catches my eye.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? (insert your ussername here) :P

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Meh.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Seriously? I just post things and give fuzzy animal bagdes to people that make nice comments and favs. It's a passtime for me, not some Soup for the Soul thing.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Wacom, music, and good old Photoshop CS3. Yea. that's right CS3, don't need 'dem fancy CS7 or 8 or whatever they are up to now.

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My mind palace. (looks to the crowd for anyone that catches that.)

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Getting my first 10,000 views. Honestly, I got excited that day.


Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Digital artist, Maya modeler/animator, Photoshop painter.

Please feel free to visit my new website:
and my Youtube channel:…

The groups I'm in:
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